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Author:  studio-mars [ Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  New To Paia.Talk

Hi all, I purchased a used Paia 4700 modular dual wing-cab with kybd controller over 25 years ago at a pawn shop in Norman/OK. The Paia folks were kind enough to send me the manuals for all the modules, and I have recorded literally hundreds of hours of experiments with that gear. I moved from Norman to California and took my trusty 4700 with me. From there the 4700 traveled to Kansas City, and I retrieved it again in 2005. At that time, my buddy who had it for ten years added a few more modules in a small cabinet he built. Here you can hear two songs with the 4700's sounds:, tracks 2 and 3, and there is a pic of the modules at that link as well. I have the 4700 in storage at the present time, though I am preparing to set it up in my studio soon for future use. I added a few mods myself, like an on/off switch for the keyboard with a pilot lamp, and I added a 4-pin jack at the back of the keyboard so that the wing cabs could be set up in a different location. I have made my own pin-jack cables by soldering multistrand flexible wire to finish nails and using shrink tubing to cover the soldered area. These work quite well, are cheap to make, and i have a wide variety of colors. I have been using these cables for the miniplug jacks: but now that Paia makes 3.5mm phone cables, i want to try those as well!

Josh Mars :D

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