Power To The People (and the 9700)
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Author:  Kyhotay [ Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Power To The People (and the 9700)

Hi Scott,

I wanted to expand on a topic I started a bit ago regarding clean 9700 power. You may recall that I have the "turbo charged" 9770R-15 with the higher output wall transformer (I forgot if we also increased the capacitors values. I'd have to look up the email trail as the memory banks are slowly fading...). You may recall the reason we were doing this is I was adding higher current requiring Blacet modules to mix with the new PAiA series in the same rack. Since then you sent me the new PAiA high output power supply. This has freed up my 9770 but, unfortunately, also uses up a space in the frac rack.

What I wanted to run by you is this: since one of the other issues of the 9770R-15 is the amount of modules that can be connected to it. I would like to remove my Blacet modules from the existing frac rack, and put them into another (adding a few more PAiA modules in the current rack and keeping the Blacet mostly separated and adding their sequencer module). In order to connect the modules to the PAiA PS, could I just run the power and grounds to the Blacet PS-CONN and then connect their modules to it rather than run the wires back to the power supply?

Lemme know what you think. I'd also be interested in what other solutions PAiA Phans have come up with. I'd especially love to hear some solutions to power distribution on the 4700 series modules. I hate that damned wire power buss!


Brian Folkes

Author:  PAiA-Scott [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Power To The People (and the 9700)

Hello Brian.

It would be OK to use the PS-CONN to extend the power connections from a 9770R-15 out across the back of an FR-7. Be sure to keep the use of the two PS-CONN grounds consistent as you make the connections to the modules. For example, with G going into the first COM and SG going into the second COM, take them off to the modules with respect to the way these first and second COM runs are connected with G and SG.

Avoid having the cable lengths too long as the resistance of the wire can come into play. PAiA power connector cables are 18 inches. Instead of the full length to connect the supply to the strip and then another from the strip to the module (for 36 inches), trim these down for the best fit.

About the modified 9770R-15, the highest the transformer voltage should be is 14vac unless the capacitors are replaced with ones having a greater voltage rating (ie 35v type for the 25v type).

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