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Polyphony Magazine SamplePolyphony Magazine

The years from 1975-85 saw electronic music realize the promise of the previous decades as monophonic voltage controlled synthesizers evolved into the polyphonic, multi-timbral music workstations of today. The pages of Polyphony magazine documented this time of great change with innovative DIY and theory articles, interviews with the artists and engineers who helped shape the future and much more.

There are a limited number of copies of less than 20 issues of Polyphony remaining, far too few to continue offering a complete set at a reduced price. This page will soon have the list of back issues that are still available and the complete list of all Polyphonys and their table of contents. Archive copies are available for photocopying either completely or by article.

Polyphony Back Issues

Bolded issues are still available at $5.00 / copy
Italicized issues are only available as photocopies of archived issues at $12.50/copy

#0301: 7/77: Frequency Divider Project, Random Tone Generator Project, Normalizing Synthesizer Controls, Eliminating Patch Cords, Computer Control of Analog Modules, Chord Egg.

#0302: 11/77: The Sensuous Envelope Follower, Digital Gates, LED Wall Art, Build a Bionic Sax, Data to Music Peripheral Project, Apple II as a Music Controller, Using the NE566 as a VCO, Patches.

#0303: 2/78: Computer Controlled Gnome, Using Joysticks, Build a Bionic Trumpet, Ultra-VCO Modifications, Voltage Control the Mu-Tron Pi-Phase, Oral Joystick, Patches.

Polyphony Magazine - 1976 cover#0304: April/May '78: Minimoog mods, Non-keyboard Module Use, Phasing and Flanging (theory and circuits), Memory Expansion for Programmable Drums, Digitally Addressed Transposer, Polyphonic Software.

#0402: Sept/Oct '78: Electronic Music Notation, Notes on the Recording of "Cords" by Larry Fast, Sequencer Software - Part One, Rhythmic Control of Analog Sequencers, Touch Switch Projects, Modular Vocoder Techniques, PET as a Music Controller, Patches.

#0404: Jan/March '79: Add-ons for Vocal F and V Converter, Shorthand Patch Notation, More on Note to Frequency Conversion, Graphic Monitor Project, George Russell, Super VCA Circuit, Echo Software, Vol. 4 index.

#0502: July/Aug '79: Hex VCA/mixer Project, Electronic Music Schools and Studios, Modify the Oberheim Expander Module, Profile of Ernest Garthwaite, Budget Microphones, Digitizer Projects and Software, Bar Graph ICs.

#0601: May/June '80: Gary Numan, Microcomputers in Real Time Audio, Build a Digital Audio Delay Line, Writing Documentation, Richard Hayman/Performer Home Recording, Applying Harmonizing and Pitch Transposing Techniques by Craig Anderton.

Polyphony Magazine Sample - featuring Peter Gabriel#0602: July/Aug '80: Peter Gabriel, Digital VCO Project, Dream Modules, Optimum Level Settings, Dynamic Phrasing, Patches.

#0603: Sept/Oct combined with Nov/Dec '80: Alternate Controllers, Add Voices to Casio M-10, Voltage Controlled Quadrature Oscillator Project, Cordless Patch Bay, Recording Rules, Patches.

#0604: Jan/Feb '81: Special Construction Edition; Build: Audio Circuit Breaker, Pulse Width Multiplier, Magnetic Harp, 50 Watt/Channel Stereo Power Amp, Quad Sequential Switch, DOD Mods, Patches.

#0605: March/April '81: Portable Music Issue, Reviews of Remco's FX, E-H Mini-Synthesizer, Casio's VL-Tone, plus mods for the M-10, GR-500, Mini-Amp, and the Korg X-911. Introducing: Practical Circuitry and On Location (new columns).

#0606: May/June '81: Synthesizer: Hardware Mods and Software. Modular Synthesizer Effects, Environmental Music, Keyboard Assignment for the 8700, new columns: Details, Practical Circuitry and On Location. Vol. 6 index.

Polyphone Magazine Sample - 1983 cover#0701: July/August '81: Guitar Electronics: Modify; Fender Amp, MXR Phase 100, GR-500. Input/Output Structures, $5 Analog Programmer, Sample and Hold Technique, Modular Synthesizer Effects, new column: Applied Synthesis, Marketing Your Records.

#0702: Sept/Oct '81: Harald Bode Interview, Live Plus Tape - New Technique, Xenharmonics, Kraftwerk Live - Review, Psycho- Acoustic Experiments, Practical Circuitry - Super Controller, Appled Synthesis - Brass, Construction Tips for Beginners.

#0703: Nov/Dec '81: Dave Rossum Interview, Applied Synthesis: Strings, Details; Series-Parallel/Sum-Difference. The Sound Gizmo and Pro-One Reviews, Practical Circuitry: VCO Deluxe.

#0704: Jan/Feb '82: Bob Moog Interview, Chip Power - STK- 050/070, Simple Square Wave Shaper, Tape Timer Ruler, Practical Circuitry: VCAs Made Simple, Details: Gozinda and Gozouta Revisited, Korg Trident & Casiotone 202 Reviews.

#0705: March/April '82: Electronic Music Math, Analog Delay Clock, Modulation; Frequency Domain Modifiers, Screen-Wave for the TRS-80, Touch Switches Revisited, Practical Circuitry: ADSR the Easy Way (Charlie Lamm has a circuit board and interesting mods on his website), Getting the most out of a Cheapo (Guitar).

#0706: May/August '82: Anatomy of a Private Record, Don Slepian Interview, Understanding Digital Synthesizers: A Digital Filter, Syn-Bow Review, Optical Audio, Profiles of SSM 2033 & 2044, The PAL Flter, Bill Rhodes Applied Synthesis: Bells, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Electronic Piano; The Realistic MG-1 reviewed.

#0801: Sept/Oct '82: Ambience in Electronic Music, Tone Bypass for Fender Amps, 8 Track Reviews, Parametric EQ Tips, Solo/Cut Circuit for TASCAM Model 3, the SSM 2011, Tube Preamp, Snare + Drum Voice Circuit, Triple Pick-Up Switcher, Simulated Stereo, When Quality Record Mfg. Counts, Independent Record Mfg. Convention Report.

#0802: February '83: AMS-100 Gate Output, Bus Distribution Modules for Modular Synthesizers, Dynamic Touch Controller, Expanding Envelopes, MXR Limiter Review, New Age Music, An Overview, Synsonics Drum Review, Interface, Practical Circuitry: A Patch Over Scheme for Small Synthesizers,Lab Notes: Shepard Functions.(Archived at analogue.heaven)

#0803: April '83: Sound Interface Device, Build a Bass Pedal System, Dr. Rhythm Mod., Switched Capacitance/Transversal Filters, Voltage Controlled LFO, Rockman & Voyetra Eight Reviews.

#0804: June '83: MIDI Hardware Fundamentals, What MIDI Means for Musicians, The Vangelis Interview, Creative Recording on a Shoestring Budget, A One Chip ADSR, An Electronic Switch.

#0805: August '83: Donald Buchla Interview, An Overview of Digital Drums, Exploring Just Intonation, Build A Simple Drum Synthesizer, Micro Drums Part I, The Penultimate Compressor, Why Spring Reverb Will Never Die, Gate/Sample & Hold Circuit.

#0806: Oct '83: Larry Fast Interview, Basic Film Scoring Math, Fostex X-15 Review, Build the Hip Bass Drum, Applied Synthesis: Orchestral Voicings Using the Tenth Interval.

#0902: February '84: Commodore Music Software Review, Build a Just Intonation Generator, NE572 Noise Reduction Unit, 3D Video, Vocal Basics, Build a Quadrature Function Generator.

#0904: June '84: Wendy Carlos Interview, '64 Sounds Part I, Fostex 2050 Review, Synthesizer Delay Line, DSX to Drumulator Adaptor.

#0905: August '84: Bill Nelson Interview, EH Instant Replay Review, MIDI Remote Keyboard Keyboard Project Part II, '64 Sounds Part II, Practical Circuitry: Hi-Hat & Percussive Voice Circuit.

#0906: October '84: Commodore '64 Sounds Part III, Dr. Bohm Drum Review, Practical Circuitry: Synthesizer Phase Shifter, Pick-Up Switching Tricks.

#1003: June '85: FIRST ISSUE PUBLISHED UNDER NEW TITLE - ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN:Making MIDI work for you, Larry Fast's "Studio Notes",Build:MIDI Switch Analog sequencer, Video: Tech Basics, SBX-80 Chroma Polaris reviews.

#1004: Sept `85: SECOND ISSUE PUBLISHED UNDER NEW TITLE - ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN: MIDI In The Studio, Laurie Anderson Interview, Apple Graphics for Music Video, Speakers for Electronic Music.

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