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PAiA Hall of Fame

Probably the coolest thing about PAiA is the people who build our designs - but with a twist. They tweak and mod; their creativity and resourcefulness are truly amazing. Here are some photos and site links of PAiA-philes who have made our products their own. For more updated photos, check out the photos from members on our PAiATalk community forum.

We are always looking for new creative submissions to PAiA's Hall of Fame. Click on the Contact link above and let us know you'd like to send us a submission. We'll respond with an email that will accept attachments.

Big Wall O' PAiA

Brett Maraldo,, created a page documenting the largest collection of PAiA gear I've ever seen. Plexus is an active composer and performer, using a wide array of equipment - including live performances with 4700 gear! Click a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image. Want to see more? Visit his PAiA 4700 Modular Synthesizer Project site.

Brett Maraldo's Wall O' PAiACopyright Brett Maraldo, Plexus - Big Wall O'PaiaCopyright Brett Maraldo, Plexus - PAiA 4700 gear used live in studio

Theremax Theremin


A JonesJester TheremaxBurket MaxGuitar theremin

Alex TheremaxClark TheremaxAlien Theremax by Ryan MillerMayer TheremaxFlying saucer theremin by Bruce BennettThere1   

RSCIT Theremax Lecron Theremax

FatMan Midi Controlled Analog Synthesizer

Fate Up H3     CLR FatmanAndrew FatmanBeef Stick


From the bottom: Submixer, Mixer, Dual "Electronics Projects for Musicians" Noise Gates 1U rack, 1U "Hot Rod" analog synth using the old Ek-xx series analog synth modules -- 2 VCO's, 1 ADSR, 1VCA for those raw "Gary Numan"-type sounds, a 1U GM Midi module using a soundblaster daughterboard (only non-PAIA related thing in the picture), Midi Drum Brain, my Pygmy-on-Steroids, Midi2CV8, Thumpa Thump Box, and on top, my retro-looking Tubehead.  The Midi2CV8 drives the "Hot Rod" module.Lonnie P

Best Testimonial



When I was designing products in the 70's and 80's I never thought that more than 20 years later these products would become classics and mean as much to DIY Builders as they have. On the next page are some restored products, sometimes found in attics or rummage sales or on eBay, sometimes still used by the orignal owner. To all those supporters from so long ago, THANKS and here's a tribute to you. ~ John Simonton


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