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K18 9V FM Transmitter
This is a somewhat more powerful FM transmitter 'bug' (monaural microphone included) than Kit 7, with a simple but more well-considered design. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $12.21
K189 120 Second Message Recorder
This kit can record 120 seconds of audio from the monaural microphone (included) using the simple buttons provided.  "FALL SALE!"
Price: $38.90
K26 Fiber Optic Mono Audio Link
This kit allows you to send monaural sound through a plastic 1mm fiber optic cable. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $44.33

K32 Three-Stage FM Transmitter

This is a more powerful FM 'bug' (monaural microphone included) than K7 or K18.


Price: $12.30

This is a very powerful 'bug' for its size, 3V supply and number of components. 


Price: $14.44