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K127 3 1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter
3-1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter, kit.  "FALL SALE!"
Price: $22.51
K129 Four Digit Up/Down Counter
This kit is a low-cost 4-digit up/down counter using a micro-controller. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $25.36
K23 OPAMP Function Generator

A simple and easy-to-build circuit to generate square, (pseudo) sine and triangle waveforms in the audio range (6Hz to 7kHz).


     Out of Stock

Price: $15.00
Out of Stock

K24 Logic Probe

A logic probe can be really useful for testing digital equipment, especially for debugging micro-controller circuits. "FALL SALE!"

Price: $12.47
K61 3 1/2 Digit LED Panel Meter
This is a general-purpose 3 1/2 digit LED panel meter kit. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $26.89
K89 Stereo VU Meter

This kit provides a simple, low cost stereo VU meter.

Price: $18.46