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Price: $243.50
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K13 Voice Activated Switch
This is a sound-activated switch with a sensitive microphone included. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $9.62

K189 120 Second Message Recorder
This kit can record 120 seconds of audio from the monaural microphone (included) using the simple buttons provided.  "FALL SALE!"
Price: $38.90
9700 MIDI2CV8, version 2.01 firmware
Price: $10.00
9700 MIDI2CV8, version 3.0 firmware
Price: $20.00

Price: $35.00

Set of 22 original back-issues, Polyphony/Electronic Musician.

Price: $110.00
Polyphony #0601: May/June 1980
Price: $5.00

Polyphony #0604: Jan/Feb '81
Price: $5.00
Polyphony #0703:  Nov/Dec '81
Price: $5.00
Polyphony #0801: Sept/Oct '82
Price: $5.00

r0821180001 -- Service Item, per 8/30 email.
Price: $40.00
sp0205150001, per 2/5 email
Price: $45.10
sp0205180001 -- per email
Price: $180.70

sp0206180001 -- per email
Price: $284.37
sp0305150001 -- Special Purchase per 2/19 email.
Price: $15.00
sp0322170001 -- per email
Price: $45.45

sp0322180001 -- per email
Price: $1,043.55
special purchase
Price: $25.00
Price: $11.04

sp0506150001 -- per 5/6 email
Price: $1,287.20
sp0527150001, per email
Price: $382.90

 sp0618180001 -- P9700Sp less 9700K & 9700FRMP

BEST DEAL! Comprehensive MIDI system - MIDI2CV8 MIDI to CV converter, 9710 VCA, 9720 VCO , 9730 VCF, FracRak Case and patch cord set.


     P9700S Overview

     Less US-type 120VAC to 12VAC/1A wall-mounted transformer.

Price: $404.30

sp0625150001, per email
Price: $20.00
sp0820150003 - per email
Price: $903.50
sp0820180001, per email.
Price: $1.00

sp0922160001, per 9/22 email
Price: $560.00
sp1025160001 -- per 10/25 email
Price: $3.50
sp1025180001 -- per email
Price: $5.00

Price: $49.95
Price: $10.00
sp1120140001 per email
Price: $20.00

sp1121140001 per email
Price: $5.00
special purchase, sp1217140001, per email
Price: $12.00
Special Purchase Item, sp1221150001, per 12/21 email.
Price: $1,972.50

Special Purchase Item, sp1221150002, per email.
Price: $1,222.50
sp1231150001 --  per 12/31 email
Price: $1.00
Price: $10.00



Special Purchase Item, 9206, less case.

Price: $80.70
Special Purchase, 9505 Antennae Set
Price: $12.00
Special Purchase, 9505 Pitch Antenna
Price: $6.00

Per email re sp9505fp.  $30
Price: $30.00
Special Purchase, spFMfirmware
Price: $20.00

The 9741 dual voltage-controlled amplifier module consists of two independent VCAs which can be used to modify audio or control signals.

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Price: $68.60
Out of Stock

9744ASM CV Source + Attenuator/Mixer ASSEMBLED & TESTED
A two-section, three-function module, the 9744 serves as a control voltage (CV) source, or, as patch-points for mixing or attenuating signals to & from other modules in a system.
Price: $55.70

A three-input one-output active mixer, the 9745 features 1/8" jack (tip-sleeve phone, aka 3.5mm mono) connectors with input level controls.


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Price: $64.70
Out of Stock
A two-section module, the 9746 features two sets of patch points for combining or splitting signals within a system.
Price: $53.00

9747ASM Passive Mixer/Splitter ASSEMBLED & TESTED
The 9747 Passive Mixer/Splitter is a set of four separate networks (each with four 1/8" TR jacks) on a single-width panel. Each network can be used as a mixer (3 into 1) or a splitter (1 out to 3).
Price: $64.70
9748ASM Balanced Modulator ASSEMBLED & TESTED

Audio signals applied to the inputs of the 9748 Balanced Modulator appear at the output, with added new frequencies which are the sums and differences of the applied signals.


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Price: $67.60
Out of Stock
This module generates 'white' and 'red' and 'blue' noise. Starting with a transistor 'avalanche' junction noise generator the versatile 9751 may be reconfigured to use an optional Zener-diode for noise generation.
Price: $65.70

9752ASM Sample and Hold/Gate and Hold ASSEMBLED & TESTED

The 9752 monitors the input signal voltage and copies it to the output, synchronized to changes in an input control voltage (CV) or an input clock, or synchronized to an internal clock if there is no external input.

     Out of Stock

Price: $80.80
Out of Stock
9753ASM Envelope Follower ASSEMBLED & TESTED

The -11, Revisited. Audio or control signals input to the 9753 module are converted to 'envelopes' relative to the amplitude and triggers, Gate (step) or Pulse.


     Out of Stock

Price: $65.70
Out of Stock
9754ASM Preamplifier ASSEMBLED & TESTED
The 9754 is used to match low-level signals such as those from microphones to the line-level (plus) signals anticipated by modern modular synthesizers, or, just to perform a general signal boost.
Price: $65.70

9756ASM Linear to Exponential Converter + Inverter ASSEMBLED & TESTED
This module provides two independent functions, a linear-to-exponential control voltage (CV) converter and a signal inverter.
Price: $65.70