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K13 Voice Activated Switch
This is a sound-activated switch with a sensitive microphone included. "FALL SALE!"
Price: $9.62
K141 Multi Mode Timer

Multi-mode timer kit using an embedded micro-controller. The timer controls a 12V relay with 120V/10A contacts.


     Out of Stock

Price: $27.25
Out of Stock
K156 Dual HI/LO Switched Relay Board
Another handy building block circuit. Two independent relays, both controlled by relay-driver transistor logic.
Price: $16.35

K30 PIR Movement Detector
This circuit is designed around a custom motion-detection IC (KC778B). "FALL SALE!"
Price: $19.67
K49 Ultrasonic Movement Detector

Matched 40 kHz transmitter/receiver pair of transducers detects movement at over 7 meters. "FALL SALE!"


Price: $25.04