Vintage PAiA, F. Rayworth

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Vintage PAiA, F. Rayworth

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Thanks to Fred Rayworth.


"....I was going through old photos from when we were in Turkey, which is where I built the Strings & Thingz, Proteus, and Organtua, and always thought I didn’t have any photos of my stuff. Well, to my surprise, I found one!

Over on the right side on top of the washing machine is my home-built modular which contains mostly PAIA stuff including 3 VCO’s, two EG’s, the VCA/Ring Mod, the 4730 VCF, the Sequencer, and some stuff from Electronotes. The top keyboard is the PAIA unit just in a new case, plus I added linear and log portamento to it. All the panels I redid in the larger ¼” format and that is one reason it is in that new case. Right below the controller is the Organtua and below that is the Strings & Thingz. To the right of that is the Proteus sitting on top of my Peavey PA."
Scott Lee