Vintage PAiA, R. Marschall

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Vintage PAiA, R. Marschall

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Thanks to Richard A. Marschall, Ph.D.


"...My company has a PAiA 4700 based set of
synth modules that are still in active daily service in one of its studios.

Way back when the modules were originally assembled the IC's were socketed and
many components (as well as assembly) were MIL-SPEC. The case interiors were
shielded. Over the decades, IC's have been changed out to modern ultra-low
noise and precision equivalents. Some other mods and customizations have also
occured. About half of the modules are in daily use.

Maybe you guys should re-release the 4700 series modules and cases - we could
use a few more!"

"....I think the PAiA 4700 series has become one of those
classics of electric/electronic music such as the:

Hammond B3 Tone Wheel Electronic Organ
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitars
Teac 3340 reel-to-reel tape decks,

and a few other recording studio items. We note that modern 'clones' of most
of these items are being produced today."
Scott Lee