"Another Pimped Theremax" -- T. Bremin
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Author:  PAiA-Scott [ Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  "Another Pimped Theremax" -- T. Bremin

Thanks to Tomas Bremin.




Hi Scott!

I'm a gigging hobby musician with a Tmax. After several years of carrying the lectern case around, I decided to make life easier. I have two keyboards, and used to have a small rack with a submixer and some effects. Including a trunk for cables and pedals, I used to take seven pieces of luggage to gigs and rehearsals. I still have the two keyboards, a single stand, and a new mid-size rack. From seven to four pieces means I need a lot less time to unload, setup and break down.

The Tmax is now in a 19" box. I kept most everything original, but I swapped the pitch and volume tuning pots for 10-turn versions to make fine adjustments easier. The antennas are telescopic walkie-talkie versions with BNC contacts. I use BNC patch cables between the antennas and the Tmax box, and Neutriks BNC chassis connectors ( ... etail.aspx). The output is connected to a Line 6 PodXT for some weird and wonderful effects. The rack also holds my sub-mixer (including a monitor bus for my in-ears), a 19" wide VU meter (very useful!), a coupe of effects, and a drawer for stuff like gaffa, in-ear headphones, flashlight, some cables, and of course my nylon tip screw driver for tuning the Tmax. The bottom of the rack has storage for a pedal board for the keyboards, and a snake for keyboard audio signals and power....

....I'm attaching a few piccies to show you what I have done.


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