6740K Hot Springs Reverb Kit as a Synthesizer Module
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Author:  PAiA-Scott [ Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  6740K Hot Springs Reverb Kit as a Synthesizer Module

Thanks Ralph!




Ralph's project notes: The PCB was mounted in a RadioShack aluminum project box for shielding. Both the project box and the PCB required slimming with a nibbler so everything fit behind a two inch wide panel. A PAIA 9605K headphone buffer (the smaller pcb in the second photo) provides mixing function for output of original signal, reverb only, or combination.

The trimmer pot on the PCB was replaced with a pot on the front panel to control the intensity of the reverb.

Each reverb tank has a metal bottom plate cut from a tin container. The tanks are mounted over each other for minimal footprint but a small gap between the two prevents acoustical coupling. Shielded wire was used to make the connections between the two tanks. This thicker wire is held in place inside the reverb tank and out of the way of the springs with a small mound of epoxy putty. The four screws holding the two tanks provide grounding between the two tanks (the case was sanded at these spots for a good electrical connection).

The reverb tanks will sit somewhere outside the synth case. And maybe the module will too. To keep it away from anything that could cause hum.

And while it is visually intended for my 4700/2700 modules, it will of course work for my 9700.

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