PAiA Model 9505 Theremax Assembly and Using Manual

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PAiA Model 9505 Theremax Assembly and Using Manual

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The PAiA 9505 Theremax -- Assembly and Using Manual includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with lots of illustrations including schematic and wiring diagrams, a phantom view of the printed-circuit board with printed-circuit parts placement, and 3-D exploded-view case assembly diagrams. Calibration (tuning) and Testing sections are followed by Set-up and Use instructions. It's all here, from the beginning stage of inventorying and identifying the kit parts against the Parts List through getting an explanation of the inner workings with the Design Analysis, the details for a DIY theremin.

For this document, click on the following Attachment link.

PAiA Model 9505 Theremax Assembly and Using Manual
(was link below, but on 82010 the file was renamed)
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Includes: Theremax, theremin, 9505, 9505K Electronics Kit, 9505C Lectern Case accessory, 9505FPA Front-panel and Antennae Set accessory, RF, Heterodyne, Oscillator, Amplifier, VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier, Control Voltage, Pitch Trim, Volume Trim, Pitch CV, Velocity CV, Volume CV, Mute, Gate, S-Trigger, 12VDC Power Supply, Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, LED (light emitting diode), Transistor, IC (integrated circuit), Wire, Potentiometer, Switch, Knob, 1/4" Phone Jack (connector, socket).

Email for details about purchasing higher resolution versions. The page or two pamphlets to the larger many-paged manuals are priced in a range from $0.95 to $4.75 each.
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