1600 PAiA / DeArmond Volume Pedal

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1600 PAiA / DeArmond Volume Pedal

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The line above is not a link to the manual, but one for posting a reply.

Email scott@paia.com for details about purchasing higher resolution versions. The page or two pamphlets to the larger many-paged manuals are priced in a range from $0.95 to $4.75 each.

For this document, click on the following Attachment link.

"1600 PAiA / DeArmond Volume Pedal"

"Using Terminal Sections of Vertebrate Anatomy for Increased Control Capabilities of an Electronic Music Synthesis System or...
How to Pedal Your Way to Success in the Music Business"
by Marvin Jones

"Build a Wa/Anti-Wa Pedal Using the PAiA / DeArmond Foot Pedal"
by Craig Anderton
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