2720-8 Keyboard/Case (s/h board, vd board)

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2720-8 Keyboard/Case (s/h board, vd board)

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PAiA 2720-8 Keyboard/Case Assembly and Users Manual with Schematics

Manual contents:

The PAiA 2720-8 Keyboard/Case manual (Instruction Manual, User Manual, Assembly Instructions) contains details for constructing a synthesizer keyboard controller to provide pitch control voltage and triggering (Step (gate) and Pulse), from a parts kit using only basic electronics assembly tools and supplies. Included in the manual are Schematics, Illustrations and Diagrams, a Parts List (List of Parts, BOM, Bill of Materials), and set-up and use (operating) instructions.

The '-8 circuitry is comprised of two printed circuit boards (sample/hold and voltage divider) and uses an Op-amp Integrated Circuit, Transistors, Potentiometers, Trimpots, Resistors, and Capacitors. Control Voltages are output via pin (tip) connectors (sockets). Note the pitch cv obtained from this keyboard controller circuit is exponential, for connection with a linear response VCO such as PAiA 2720 and 4720 series voltage controlled oscillators.

This circuitry was also in the 4762 Road Keyboard.

Email for details about purchasing high-resolution versions.
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