4780 Sequencer

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4780 Sequencer

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4780 Sequencer Assembly and Users Manual with Schematics

From the manual cover:

In basic terms, a sequencer is simply another control voltage and trigger source. Unlike other controllers, however; it allows the user to pre-program an extended sequence of control voltage variations that can be called up on a command and allows the variations to be executed at speeds beyond human capabilities. In addition to their obvious applications in generating fast arpeggios and automatic bass lines, sequencers can also be used as programmable function generators, counters, or clock sources.

Considerable time and effort has gone into making the PAiA 4780 as versatile as possible without losing the user in a hopeless tangle of operational details. Many of the internal "housekeeping" functions are automatic yet externally available inputs and controls permit by-passing automatic functions in favor of manual control.

Manual contents:

The PAiA 4780 Sequencer manuals (Instruction Manual, User Manual, Assembly Instructions) contain details for constructing a synthesizer module for a controller with functions for Run, Conditional-Run, Stop, Rate, Load, Step, Gate-trigger Width, and Glide from a parts kit using only basic electronics assembly tools and supplies. Included in the manual are Step by Step Assembly Instructions, Schematics, Illustrations and Diagrams, a Parts List (List of Parts, BOM, Bill of Materials), and set-up and use (using, operating) instructions.

The 4780 circuitry is comprised of an Op-amp Integrated Circuits, Transistors, Resistors, Potentiometers, Trimpots, Capacitors, and LEDs. It requires power from an external dual-polarity 9 volt and 18v DC power supply. Control Voltages are input and output via pin (tip) connectors (sockets).

Email for details about purchasing high-resolution versions.

Assembly Instructions
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Using the Sequencer
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