PAiA Oz Reissue? Maybe?

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The Oz is a fun one, I've spent hours at the PAiA offices playing the one we have and have used it quite a bit during design and testing of the new 9700 stuff. It's simple and has a lot of "flaws" but that IMO is what makes it so special, plus the keyboard itself feels great. Like Brad said, we would have a problem trying to recreate that device nowadays but I think a next generation Oz is not out of the question. A microprocessor could easily handle the octave dividing and we could add a knob that changes the device from rock stable (no drift) to old school drifty as hell like older analog synths were (and should be!). I'd imagine it having a full ADSR, VCF and VCA as well, sort of like a Fatman with a built in keyboard or an inexpensive Minimoog type device.
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Re: PAiA Oz Reissue? Maybe?

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or maybe Proteus II?
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Re: PAiA Oz Reissue? Maybe?

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Hi oddjo,

Do U have the datasheets on К1012ГП1, К1012ГП2, К1012ГП3 ??

If these can be purchased cheaply enough,
a "limited edition" of the "OZ II" with a touch keyboard could be a possiblilty.

I've designed a small touch keyboard pcb based on the touchswitch article
that John S. wrote for the Programmable Drum Set.

Many of the older, USA, Top Octave Generators (TOG) used for electronic organs, can be purchased here:

A little pricy, but, If U gotta have one........ :shock:

KeepThatPAiAPhlying (KTPP)
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