Congratulations for this great initiative
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Author:  elgauchoandres [ Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Congratulations for this great initiative

Thank you for starting this channel of communication for all PAiA fans and also as a way to introduce Paia to people who want to know more.

Also I think is a better way to mantain connected the PAiA community with common interests; I figure you are very tired of answer the same individual questions; and here one could post one answer helping more than one person at time.

Many years ago I had started a webpage called PAiAFANSiTE (and I was the PAiAFAN :D ) I maintained a regular email correspondence with "the honcho" in person who gave me autorization to write about the instruments and publish the big amount of manuals I have. Was a pity I had so little time to maintain the PaiaFansite and it sank slowly in the Geocities bytes.

I remember with very happiness John likes a lot the logo and the initiative of a "Friendly Stories" page and contributed with a couple of very-own and funny personal stories.

About the re-birth of old PAiA gear, I'm not very sure if it "doable" or if John would do it today. In the John memory I think is better follow the road he opened, doing cheap but good musical electronic kits.

So this is my :idea: suggestion and challenge to people continuing the PAiA (& John Simonton) legacy: WE WANT MORE (NEW) KITS! KEEP GOING DOING! WE WILL HAVE PAIA FOR MUCH MORE YEARS (or much more kits?)

(I expect you could read this easyly, I'm a Spanish speaker)

Author:  PAiA-Scott [ Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations for this great initiative

Thanks for the support and encouragement Andres! Maybe you would like to send your 'Friendly Stories', photos, or sounds to be posted here? John was great at solving mysteries and sharing his understanding of them.

Author:  elgauchoandres [ Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations for this great initiative

As I say before, I lost all my PAiA FANSiTE on Geocities, maybe I could have a backup but now I'm living 10.000 km away from my parent's house (in another country). It's a pity, because I know that I have those emails from John stored in some place.

I remember a funny story about the EGG, something he and Craig Anderton was very excited with the new prototype and run outside the house to show it to the first person passing and resulting a neighbor that John never talked and the guy was very surprised "being attacked" to test the EGG, from that moment they both started a good relationship as neighbors.

The other story was something about the Proteus, but I can't remember very well, that was something about the many troubles John had in the development stage and when he finally got a very reliable instrument the world was plagued with japanese keyboards with FM, PD, Romplers, samplers, etc giving almost no market space for instruments in kit form.

This is the short version from I could recall from my memory, maybe you (Scott) know this stories (and many others) or Linda, or many others more close to John than me and with better english too... :D

About the pictures, well I have MANY pictures of PAiA equipment, some mine, some from the net, covering almost all the PAiA product list, and from all the angles. You name it and I could post a picture. Also I have lots of manuals and catalogs... and also some Polyphony mags, like one with a young Scott with the remote keyboard on the cover :D


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