Feedback Wanted - New Module Proposal

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updated schematic link, etc.

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Thanks Tone! Good catch noticing that model number too.

I believe there is an error in the note about the invert function changing a 0-10 v change to a -10 to 0 v change. For 0v in, the output is 0v, and, for +10v in, the output is -10v. A 0 to 10v change would result in a 0 to -10v output,

A taller, vertical pc-mount trim could be accessed through a panel hole (like on Vocal Zapper) and an extra board wouldn't be needed.

About the Lin2Exp use, it can be applied to pitch CV and it worked great when I did this for converting a linear pitch cv to operate a linear-response 4720 VCO, but it is not necessarily designed for this purpose but more general applications like getting a linear-response VCF to track a pitch cv or optimizing the volume change on a linear-response VCA.

About the Gnome controller strip. Its shape and tapering resistors are for making the control more exponential, but it's only an approximation and Gnome wasn't ever really meant to have precision control or response -- just to be a sound-generator / intro-to-synthesis.

Scott Lee
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