Built my 9700S

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Built my 9700S

Post by Etamin »

My first modular, and first electronics kit in at least 15 years...

I received my 9700S kit about two weeks ago. The final screws went into the frac case eight days later. I had two issues, both traced to dry solder joints, otherwise it went together well.

Wiring the PCBs to the front panels was tedious work, but it looks from the pictures on the web as though the new modules use PCB mounted pots and sockets. I would prefer this for the wider modules also, with daughter PCBs connected with header cables. I don't know if that would raise the cost, but if it is only a few dollars, I would gladly pay to retain my sanity and eyesight :shock: Perhaps you can consider this for future large modules.

I struggled with VCO tuning until a small part of one of Scott's posts registered. I played in from a MIDI synth, tuning OSCA to that, alternating between Scale at the bottom of the keyboard, and pitch three octaves up. When that was tuned, I switched over and repeated with OSCB. I may still have missed something as it drifts at the extremes, but is good for four octaves now.

Now I am having fun, and planning on which modules to add next!

I would definitely recommend the 9700 to anyone just browsing here and thinking of taking the plunge. There was nothing too challenging, and it didn't need any fancy tools (eg oscilloscope).

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