Motu Volta, Fatman, Theremax

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Motu Volta, Fatman, Theremax

Post by bluepoet »

I will be buying a motu microbook usb interface that is compatable with the motu volta which has control voltages control.

so wondering if this setup would allow me to effectively use a theremax to control the fatman?
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Re: Motu Volta, Fatman, Theremax

Post by PAiA-Scott »

In looking at the MOTU site for information about Volta it looks like it might be possible, either using it to convert the CV or the Audio from Theremax to MIDI for operating FatMan.

Theremax can go direct to modular, voltage-controlled synthesizer such as the P9700S though. Or, just to run it through a multi-effects processor really jazzes-up the simple theremin sound.

FatMan doesn't have control and triggering inputs--just MIDI (the connectors for Pitch CV, Velocity CV and Gate are outputs for these signals,derived from the MIDI Input.

It is possible to modify FatMan to have inputs for external control and over in the technical bulletins section of PAiA Talk is a topic listing modifications, including these.

There is a mention on the MOTU site about extra bias voltage requirements for older Yamaha and Korgs and FatMan is not so different so, it might not be so straightforward using it with voltage-control (pitch cv). FatMan has linear-response VCOs -- the pitch cv to them must have an exponential slope for notes played from a keyboard (doubles/halves going up/down by octaves (appx. 0-7v)). The 9720 in the P9700S is exponential-response for use with linear, V/Octave control for notes played from a keyboard.
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