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9700s Mod Ideas

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:07 pm
by gzifcak
1. I'd really like to modify the VCO pitch knobs and VCF frequency knobs for wider range. Is this an easy change? I was hoping to see some easily replaceable resistors in line with the pots, but it looks like they're dividing the power lines directly.

2. I see that the VCO output is 5v p-p. When using them as modulation sources, this results in a greatly reduced modulation depth compared to the modulators. Is there an easy way to boost the VCO outputs up to around the same levels?

3. The VCF is quite loud when self-oscillating (I've seen some references to this online). Might there be an easy mod to tame that a bit?

any ideas, folks?