Stringz'n'Thingz Noise Reduction

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Stringz'n'Thingz Noise Reduction

Post by stefanv »

About two years ago, I posted a thread about my project to rejuvenate and expand an old PAiA Stringz'n'Thingz string synthesizer. The project went well, but in recent times the various unintended noises that it made started to annoy me, so I spent a few weeks tracking down some gremlins, and improving the circuitry to eliminate the BBD noise.

If anyone's interested, I've written it all up here:

Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise! – Stringz’n'Thingz Revisited

Lessons learned?

- Everything can be improved, even 35 year old PAiA gear. :D
- Never underestimate the capabilities of a wiring error.
Stefan Vorkoetter
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