Updating the PSU in the 4700. Fuse Question

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Updating the PSU in the 4700. Fuse Question

Post by valis »


I'm doing some work on the power source unit of my old 4700. I recapped the electrolytics and I bought a new 24 volt center tap, 1 amp, transformer since the old one is getting quite old. The machine is running in the USA at about 110V.

Here's my question. I'd love to add a fuse to the power supply but I am running into some conflicting accounts as to the best size for a fuse. If I'm not mistaken the equation is watts/voltage=fuse size. That would put me at about 1 amp. Does that sound about right to you? I'm also thinking a fast acting fuse is better than a slow acting one but I'll definitely listen to some sage wisdom.

Thanks as always.
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Re: Updating the PSU in the 4700. Fuse Question

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Search the internet using the terms Fuse Selection and you'll find a lot more than I can tell you, but...

The box on the shelf for the one fuse we've always used with our kits says "Radio / TV Fuse" 0.5A.
Scott Lee
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