4720 VCO strange behavior..

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4720 VCO strange behavior..

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Last night I replaced the caps of my 2720's power supply and fixed some issues with the keyboard. When I hooked up the modules and put them in place, I started out with the VCO, and it seemed to work fine. And it even wasn't as mentioned in another post. I proceeded filling the space with modules, set it up again, patched it properly to generate sound.. nothing. At the time I had it hooked up to the VCF (which turned out to work after all as well..), but I even plugged the audio cable straight into the VCO outs - nothing. I proceeded to check if there is an issue with the patch cord. When I unplugged the other end from CV jack on the keyboard and accidentally touched the metal tip of the plug, the VCO suddenly made sound. But it only does it as long as I touch the tip of the CV plug. I checked the VCO module by (by sight) and couldn't detect anything sticking out (like a loose wire or a crakced trace. I'm at a loss. What should I try next? It HAS to be a connection issue somewhere on the module, or else it wouldn't only work when I touch the tip of the jack of the CV cable that's hooke up to it.

P.P.S.: This didn't happen when I tested it with only the VCO and the VCF hooked up to the rail and the VCO worked fine.

Any suggestions? :?

P.S: I did replace the old wires with a 4-wire comm. cables to get some kind of standardization going on (all the wires were jumbles of random colors and mixed types), but I made darn sure that the connections are tight and solid, and at the proper polarity and voltages (Green=18V, Red=9V, Black=GND, White=-9V), and there is not much of a risk of mixing anything up, unless I'd try to do it blindfold.
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