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q for patrick

Post by Billb3 »

have you docemented the mods that were made to your synth?

they look interesting and I would like to try them out.

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Re: q for patrick

Post by patrickvf »

Unfortunately I did not document any of the mods, but then again most of them didn't work properly or not at all (to my observation) and most of the mods basically connected some modules internally with each other over a terminal strip (e. g. the VCO had a switch that routed it to the LFO, others affected the pitch, turned on a tuning dial, etc.) I think the switches on the BPF were meant to either route signals to the BPF or bypass them without using patchcords, but none of the switches seemed to have any effect. However when I find the time and patience I'm going to attempt the mods suggested by ModularMe/toneman to improve the BPF's quality, and might even mess with symmetry settings and who knows maybe I create a variable band pass filter. However me dealing with ADHD, patience is very difficult for me to have.
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