Fatman connecting to 4700

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Fatman connecting to 4700

Post by Billb3 »

I modded my fatman to be patchable and found the audio voltage levels are much higher on the fatman. patching fatman to 4700 should be doable with resistors, any thoughts on putting 4700 oscilator output into the fatman?
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Re: Fatman connecting to 4700

Post by PAiA-Scott »

The VCF External Signal Input modification adds an input for audio signals (nom. 0dBV, unbalanced line-level) through FatMan's VCF and VCA sections.

If you want to keep FatMan's VCOs active, leave R57 at 100K and make a new connection to link a connector with a 4700 ohm resistor to the node including R57 and IC17 pin 3. A panel control could be added and wired like FatMan's Output control, R113, for setting a mix of the external audio input signal.
Scott Lee
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