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The Pond -- End Theme

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:12 am
by PAiA-Scott
Heya Scott,

I finally am getting around to uploading this little ditty onto the site. It was written for a short film I composed the score to in the late 70's called "The Pond." I understand it actually got airplay on the nascent cable channels of the day. The original was performed on a fairly well stocked 4700 synth, an OZ and a Roland SH1000.

Version 2011 still uses a fairly well stocked 4700 synth (albeit a different one from back then), along with a 9700 system expanded with 2nd Gen modules and a couple of Blacet's thrown in for good measure. The bass line was the FatMan and the percussion incorporated an ARP 2600 into the 9700 modules. I would have thrown the Proteus in for good measure but it happened to be in your hands when I recorded the tracks. Another time, perhaps?

I hope the PAiA Phans out there enjoy it!

Brian Folkes ... w-Fade.mp3