9210 Stack-in-a-Box, 6720 Quadrafuzz sound demo

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9210 Stack-in-a-Box, 6720 Quadrafuzz sound demo

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Hello Andrew.

I got the usb mixer/recorder package going and was finally able to make a demo of Stack-in-a-Box and Quadrafuzz using it (Yamaha MW8CX and Cubase AI4).

I used the Stack-in-a-Box as a Direct Interface to the mixer (mic'ed speaker cabinet simulators were bypassed and the eq controls were set on Thin and Bright). I recorded a part straight into the recorder from the SiaB and then recorded eight other parts of this track with the Quadrafuzz patched to the effect send/return. the eight parts are different Quadrafuzz bands on low and high resonance settings. When moving them all into a sequence, I got the Low band Hi and Lo resonant examples put out of order, so they are: SiaB only, QF Lo Hi-Res, QF Lo Lo-Res, QF M1 Lo-Res, QF M1 Hi-Res, QF M2 Lo-Res, QF M2 Hi-Res, QF Hi BP, QF Hi HP.
There are many other possibilities, but this gives an idea of the main sounds available.

Hopefully your kit is going together without a hitch!

Thanks. --Scott

Andrew Verhelst wrote:
> Problems with Vista? Gee, can't imagine that...
> I actually just put together a small recording setup myself and I know that there's a lot of problems with getting USB interfaces to work with anything besides XP (I still use Win2000 and _nothing_ is compatible with that for some reason). I actually went with an analog mixer to an internal sound card which works great, but you might not have the option with a laptop if you want high bit/sample rates.
> I obviously didn't know you were out until I sent that my last email, but I really wasn't trying to rush you. Thanks for your time.
> -Andy
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