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Re: Patches and Multimode

Post by kmberry »

I bought my 9700 9 years ago and built it 4 years ago. All modules tested good. I got 1 voice working and that was it. I never did get 2 voice and/or multimode working. I just hooked it up with the same patch and it won't work anymore. I have channel 1 mode output 1 going to VCO A, VCF A and VCA L to VCA L out. Gate output 3 is going to gate in of the ADSR. I get 1 voice but I cannot get each note to turn off without playing another note. I don't even know where the velocity output 2 goes. I think my VCA is bad but maybe my midi2cv is also bad. My questions are does anybody have a collection of 9700 patches so I can get know good configurations to troubleshoot with and does anybody have the 9700 working in duophonic? If you think I don't know enough about anything to ask any questions do you know where to get any books on the subject for free without paying the library? Lastly on another unrelated topic does anybody have a pcb diagram of the fmdx? I saw the article while searching for the organtuan manual and I never had enough money to build it when it vcame out.
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Re: Patches and Multimode

Post by Kyhotay »

If I understand your question correctly, are you expecting to play two notes from your MIDI keyboard to get a "duophonic" chord like the ARP Oddyesy or EML101? The 9700 is strictly monophonic. To play two notes you would need to use two MIDI channels, easy enough if you hook up a computer based keyboard. Not sure about the sustained note. I guess it might have to do with what your dip switch settings are. You might have it patched to a setting with a high input that is keeping the VCA open. As far as velocity control is concerned, you can add it to the VCO pitch, PWM, VCF Fc or Q or mix it with an envelope to control the VCA.

As far as patches to check if the unit is operating correctly, there is a 9700 paper by Scott Lee in one of the forums on PAiA Talk. Try digging around for it.

Best of luck,

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Re: Patches and Multimode

Post by Etamin »

OK, I just set my midi2cv8 to Mode 2 (Two Voice) and patched as follows:

midi2cv8 out 1 to OSC A P1
out 3 to VCO AR Modulator Gate In
out 4 to OSC B P1
out 6 to VCF AR Modulator Gate In
OSC A Saw out to VCA L In
OSC B Saw out to VCA R In

VCF AR Mod Out to CVR

Set the Pan on the VCAs to about 12 o'clock.

If I play single notes from my MIDI keyboard, the midi2cv alternate between voice 1 and voice 2 - so probably best if you choose the same wavefor for both,as I indicated above.

Playing two notes does give me a duophonic line. I had never tried this before, sothanks for making me test it, I like it :D

I do run the midi2cv in Mode 6, but set it to Multi by sending a prog change #0 (according to Paia doc, but #1 according to Ableton Live).
Patching is as above, but now you can send one line, eg one Track from Live on the base MIDI channel, and have maybe a bass line playing on OSC A, then have another Live track set to send on the MIDI base channel plus one, and play a lead on that to OSC B.

I hope that helps

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Re: Patches and Multimode

Post by PAiA-Scott »

Scott Lee
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