"PAiA Grand" -- R. McDonald

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"PAiA Grand" -- R. McDonald

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Thanks to Rory McDonald.


"...I would like to submit my PAIA GRAND to the Hall of Fame.
It is a Paia CV keyboard controller modified to look like Schroeder's piano from PEANUTS.
I built it from scratch to use as a set piece for Camarillo Community Theatre's production of YOU"RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLEY BROWN
in 2008. The piano is 3 1/2 ft by 3 ft and is built to allow a full grown man to stand on it!
The controller is fully functional, though it wasnt needed for the show. I plan on using it in my studio to control some of my 4700/9700 Paia modular gear.

I am a long time user, builder and collector of Paia equipment- some of my gear includes:

2700 modular
Qty 2 4700 modulars with Digital and CV keyboards
Fatman (have built several of these)
Vocoder (great!)
OZ keyboard
6770 Master Synchronizer
Tube Mic Pre (modiified)
8700 Computer
9700 MIDI to CV interface
9700 VCO

Thought you would like to see this classy use of a vintage Paia keyboard!"
Scott Lee