Fatman no gate light continued vca sustain no release

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Fatman no gate light continued vca sustain no release

Post by CynthiaG »

Built my fatman.
Was working fine for 2 days until I connected it to my old 2700.
Cv pitch seemed to work but the gate out was acting strange.
Then the gate light went out and now the fatman vca sustain continues
unless I turn sustain all the way down.
Release also seems to have stopped working.
All other functions of the fatman seem to be fine.
I think I may have fried that segment of IC7. Do you agree?
I think there was a small voltage surge into the fatman gate out from the old 2700
that was unexpected.
I thought I had those old modules functioning just fine. :(
As I said though, the fatman is still working but without control of vca sustain and release.
I basically play a note and the note keeps going unless I turn the sustain all the way down
and just use attack and decay to work the fatmans envelopes but that really limits me.

Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Fatman no gate light continued vca sustain no release

Post by PAiA-Scott »

Through email, scott@paia.com, it was found to be IC7. When connected to the function generator, and, with a manual trigger activation, 18v was sent into FatMan's gate-trigger output. The part is powered by 5v and this higher voltage caused it to fail.
Scott Lee
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