Choice of capacitors for 9751

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Choice of capacitors for 9751

Post by LouBern »

Hello Scott, I am uncertain about which capacitor to choose (C9) :?: for the noise source 9751. Do you have sound examples of what differences it make if 101 (20 KHz) 102 (2KHz) or 104 (300 Hz) is installed on the board? The manual specifies that if the third one is choosen (104), gain is needed for the full output.


Louis Bernier
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Re: Choice of capacitors for 9751

Post by PAiA-Scott »

Hello Louis.

I'd say go with the 102 and then you've got the 10v range available for all the noise outputs. The larger capacitor lowers the output and the resulting cvs when patched over to the S/H as the voltage being sampled.

I don't have the things to make examples right now but will.

In terms of the Noise sound for this Red output, imagine a portable radio tuned between stations making a rushing air or noise sound, and this radio having a Tone control. The sound with the control all the way clockwise for treble would be comparable to the Red available with the 101. When the Tone is all the way counter-clockwise for bass the sound would be about like the Red with the 104. For a mid or maybe a bit to the left of mid, the sound would be similar to the Red with the 102.

Patching the White Noise over to a filter such as the 9730 will work to provide much better noise coloration than the simple filter sections built into the 9730. Take the low-pass output for shades of red, the high-pass for shades of blue.

ps This link is to the manual update for this 9751 Noise Source:
Scott Lee
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