JDLII's P9700S, missing in action

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JDLII's P9700S, missing in action

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A PAiA P9700S modular synthesizer package sent here for service never made it.

In case one is seen for sale with these identifying features, any information is appreciated.

"There are three things which sets my build apart. 1: I modified the power adaptor with a different male plug. 2: I put an all metal female adaptor to accept that plug on the back left of the frac rack near to the midi2cv8 position in the frac rack.
3: I use a specifically colored wire set of yellow and black or red and black and a male and female molex connecter to be able to disconnect the panel unit from the power supply input." metal power connectors should be insulated from the chassis

Additionally, sockets were used for all ICs.

Scott Lee
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